With digital signage, your advertising is guaranteed to reach people in an innovative way!

Digital signage uses large screens and electronic displays to broadcast advertisements at important locations in the out-of-home segment, such as at the point of sale, as well as in the transport sector, which includes airports, as well as underground and overground stations. The transport sector is already the second most important location for DS networks, after point of sale.

Under the umbrella brand NetContact, Deutsche Telekom has equipped the most important advertising locations at German airports with a high-performance DS network: at the check-in area, the gates, baggage claim and in the freely accessible arrivals and departures area. A unique national advertising network for your brand presence, in a high-quality airport environment!

These are the advantages:

  • The screens broadcast a variety of programmes: one-third news (N24 and n-tv), which is alternated with weather, infotainment and advertising.
  • Individual, quick, economical: different spots can be shown every day – this makes the overall process simpler and saves costs.

Studies prove that more than 80 per cent of agencies and brand-name companies swear by the advertising effects of digital signage! If you’d like to learn more about booking, locations and the process as a whole, we’d be happy to advise you. Simply call +49 (0)30 5001 2124.