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The capital’s airport

With its finger on the pulse of the Republic, Berlin-Tegel is the air travel hub of the capital and far beyond. Advertise in a city where the economic, political and cultural life guarantees a constant stream of potential viewers.

  • ca. 18 million passengers per year
  • 1.747.891 advertisingcontacts per week
  • 110 large monitors spread across the departure lounge, arrivals area and the publicly accessible entrance and shopping zone, without sound



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Inspire travellers and leisure shoppers

Düsseldorf Airport is North Rhine-Westphalia’s most important international hub. After London and Paris, the airport also has the third-largest catchment area in Europe.

  • ca. 21 million passengers per year
  • 3.054.000 potential advertising contacts per week
  • 128 large monitors divided into three networks (arrivals area, departures lounge, and whole network)



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The largest DS network at a German airport

With more than 300 screens, Stuttgart has the largest DS network in Germany, which broadcasts advertisements alternately with news and infotainment from 5.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. This is a highly efficient advertising platform, especially given that Baden-Württemberg’s central hub for air passengers is ranked number seven among German airports in terms of passenger traffic.

  • Ten million air passengers, four million visitors in 2009
  • 40,000 potential advertising contacts per day (gross)
  • 334 large monitors: 113 screens broadcasting pure advertising loops, 221 screens with alternating passenger information and advertising
  • Premium network: Four monitors (103 inch) for target group of business travellers in public check-in area of Terminal 1 and in the conference and banqueting centre, as well as in the restaurants and shops (1/3 infotainment, 2/3 advertising loops), all without sound



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The gateway to the capital

The second most important commercial airport in Berlin is fast growing in significance. It is already one of the top ten most important airports in Germany, and as passengers take off on one of its runways, Europe’s largest airport construction project is busy taking shape on another: namely, the new airport Berlin-Brandenburg, BBI. Schönefeld is already the fastest-growing airport in Germany.

  • ca. 7,1 million passengers per year
  • 599.309 potential advertising contactsper week
  • 50 large monitors: 21 in the departure lounge and 15 in the arrivals area, 14 in the publicly accessible area, without sound



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Hanover takes off

Lower Saxony’s largest airport is about to take off: as early as 2008, it was ranked the ninth most important airport in Germany. And not without good reason: Hanover has a reputation far beyond Germany’s borders as a location for trade fairs and industry. Three terminals and the airport plaza that connects them provide an excellent advertising environment.

  • ca 5.3 million passengers per year
  • 789.000 potential advertising contacts per week
  • 86 large monitors distributed across four networks: public area, arrivals area, departure lounge, whole network



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International meeting point in Franconia

Growing passenger numbers and constantly increasing appeal for conference participants: Nuremberg Airport is becoming more and more popular with passengers. The gateway to the Franconian metropolitan region presents itself as an international meeting point. This is why Nuremberg Airport, which is Bavaria’s second-largest airport, is already an optimal location for advertising customers. The airport has a total of 30 screens (14 in the departures lounge, eight in the arrivals area and ten in the publicly accessible area).

  • ca. 4 million passengers per year
  • 498.600 potential advertising contacts per week




Metropolis in the north

A metropolis in the north. Two terminals and the newly opened airport plaza provide an optimal environment for your advertising presence. A variety of new customers from all industries have discovered the advantages of Hamburg Airport, which is one of the most modern hubs in Europe. In 2008, over 12 million people passed through its terminals. The planned 74 monitors at Hamburg Airport will be distributed as follows: 59 in the departure lounge, 11 in the public area and four in the arrivals area.

  • ca. million passengers per year
  • 1.299.000 potential advertising contacts per week




The gateway to the world

Frankfurt Airport is not part of our Telekom network. However, you can easily book the Frankfurt Airport network through us.




Anything is possible

Ample space for advertising productions and the motto ‘Anything is possible’: Munich residents not only use the airport as a major hub for air travel, but also as a location for numerous events. This is something that advertising can also benefit from. A dense DS network guarantees the attention of 43 million visitors a year.

  • ca. 38 million passengers per year
  • 2.262.600 potential advertising contacts per week
  • 128 large monitors (102 in the departure lounge, ten in the public area and 16 in the arrivals area)