1. Airport advertising has never been more effective: more than 225 million passengers annually in German-speaking countries alone! Up to 148,000 advertising contacts per airport per day.
  2. Advertising that catches the eye and appeals: moving images create more awareness. Waiting passengers and visitors enjoy the distraction. Our customers have been able to increase their turnover by up to 20 per cent thanks to digital signage!
  3. 50 per cent of airport travellers have a business background: No other out-of-home media can guarantee this level of quality within the target group. Larger companies can optimise the awareness of their brand, and smaller companies can benefit from targeted sales promotions.
  4. Considerably reduced production costs: In contrast to classic posters, spots can be switched easily. New content can be incorporated easily without extra costs or delays.
  5. Precise addressing of target groups: a poster shows the same image 24 hours a day. The digital signage screen changes all the time to suit the desired target group: spots for holidaymakers in the morning, business travellers in the afternoon and for after-work shoppers in the evening. This means that your spots are guaranteed to reach your desired target group – with low scattering losses.

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